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$19.95 on the 1st day of every 2nd month

It's time to face facts: nail art as a form of self-expression is here to stay. The bartender at your local rocks a single rhinestone on her pinky. The guy who cuts your hair has silver metallic foil on his nails. The woman two cubicles over from you has love-hearts painted on the tips of her nails.

Hell, even your mum is rocking a bit of glitter over her basic French mani.

An Internet search for “nail art” results in an avalanche of images and products. But how do you know what the best products are? The easiest methods? Well, that's where Tiger Claw comes to your rescue…

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First monthly payment: September 1, 2019

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Product Description


For only $19.95 INCLUDING SHIPPING, every two months you will receive a selection of the newest nail art trends, tools, and products. Each Tiger Claw box is meticulously curated by a professional nail artist who knows what nail art materials work (and last) on real people.

Whether you are a nail art maestro or newbie, each edition of Tiger Claw will give you endless inspiration. You’ll be able to access video tutorials and helpful hints on our website, as well as post your own nail art photos and participate in the Tiger Claw community.


Each edition of Tiger Claw contains a name-brand nail lacquer and some exclusive and exciting accessories to help you create your own nail art masterpieces. Go as mild or wild as you like with paint pens, glitter, crystals, decals, studs, striping tape, foils, and more!

Use everything in the box together to create a complete look, or just use one or two items as an accent. You’ll have enough to create multiple manicures.

Also included inside the box will be some essential nail tools and a card illustrating key designs, but what you create with the contents of the box is entirely up to you. The contents of each issue won’t be revealed until the last one is sold, or the next issue comes out, whichever comes first. So you need to get one for yourself if you’re the kind of kitten prone to curiosity.


Now that you’ve got the tools and the tricks, we want you get creative and show us what you’ve got!

Share your nail art masterpieces via your social profile for a chance to be featured on our nail art gallery, take part in nail art competitions, and keep an eye out for top-secret Tiger Claw events happening near you!